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The Cankles (fat ankles) niche is a very untapped niche. Clicks on Bing and Google ads go for as little as 5 cents. You can also very easily rank your site for any cankles keywords as there is little to no competition for these keywords!

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No More Cankles Sales Funnel:

FE: $37 - 50% Commission

No more cankles teaches people (mostly women) how they can get rid of their cankles (fat or swollen ankles) using a 4-step method.

  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplementation
  4. Improving blood circulation

OTO 1 - 50% commission - The No More Cankles Weight Loss Plan - $47

If people have cankles but they are still overweight then they really need to lose that excess weight to be able to then get rid of their cankles. For this reason we have created this weight loss guide to help them to get rid of excess fat which will then allow the main No More Cankles method to work much better.

OTO 2 - 50% commission: The Healthy Lifestyle Diet - $27

Eating health is a must for every. This upgrade teaches people how to eat and what to eat to become the healthiest version of themselves.


OTO 3 - 50% commission: Strength Training For Women - $27

This upgrade teaches people how they can get lean but not bulky by utilizing a weight training program that is designed specifically for women.

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